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Charlotte Dentistry Reviews

Charlotte Dentistry Reviews

Read Charlotte Dentistry Reviews below. To read more recent testimonials for Charlotte Dentistry from a third-party company, Demand Force, please visit our Testimonials Page.

Growing up, my smile was an area of insecurity for me. My teeth were crowded, crooked, and jagged. Being the happy, smiley person I am, it was hard for me to want to showcase my smile to the world! But thanks to Dr. Armstrong and the incredible staff at Charlotte Dentistry, my smile has been perfected in a way that I could have never imagined. Through my Invisalign experience, I now am fully comfortable with my smile, and I make sure to show one to every one I meet. The best part? NO METAL! Thank you Dr. Armstrong and Charlotte Dentistry for your dedication to make my smile the BEST it could be! – Melody Hager, Miss Ashville 2017


Each time I visit Charlotte Dentistry I am greeted and welcomed by the receptionist and other staff. They make eye contact and have smiles on their faces even if they are not working with your directly at that time. The Dental Hygienist that cleaned my teeth was simply amazing! Coming to the dentist for me as of recent results in self pay considering I no longer have dental insurance. So usually I only want the basic cleaning without all the x-rays and extra exams. However, once I say down with my hygienist (Lauren), she educated me on the importance of the x-rays/exams, along with detailing some potential future consequences if something was too occur that could have been caught earlier. After her “used car” sales speech I was sold! Warren Buffet said “price is what you pay, but value is what you get”. I received an incredible wealth of knowledge, a new found confidence in my dental hygiene, and sparkly clean teeth! Now that’s what you call a rewarding customer experience and great overall value! I would recommend Jesus Christ to get His teeth cleaned at Charlotte Dentistry! You all Rock! – Fred H.


This practice could serve as a model for any medical office. Staff is fantastic, friendly, efficient, professional and make you leave with a smile. I hate going to the dentist but will recommend anyone looking for a dentist go here! – Nancy F.


Excellent customer service. Dental hygienist, Carla, was superb!. – Mary H.


Dr. Bryson and her assistant, Tracy, are just wonderful. They always put me at ease and take care of me with professionalism and efficiency. Charlotte Dentistry has done wonders towards calming my fear of dentists. – Kristina L.


You have the best staff!! Cindy H went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and was so friendly. I tell everyone to go to you! – Kelly T.


The service is excellent. De. Eshleman is the Best!!!!!. – Patricia B.


Lisa was very welcoming, caring and knowledgeable. – William E.


AWESOME!!!!! Cindy is kind, caring, beautiful, and has a BEAUTIFUL heart too!! I feel the Holy Spirit as soon as I enter the building. I know these folks are doing God’s work and it shows in each smile 🙂 – Jean H.


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