3 Reasons to Get a Dental Checkup Before 2023

The new year is closer than we realize. While that is a new beginning, it’s also a good reminder to schedule a dental checkup before the end of the year.

If you haven’t seen the dentist yet, here are three reasons you should plan a visit to our Charlotte, NC practice.

1. Get Your Insurance Benefits


Dental insurance plans provide some good benefits, but you aren’t getting them if you don’t visit the dentist. Since dental plans often expire at the end of the calendar year, you are losing the advantages of having dental coverage if you don’t make an appointment.

2. Protect Your Smile


Preventive services, like professional dental cleanings, can go a long way toward keeping you free from tooth decay and gum disease.

3. Deal With Problems Now


If you do have a cavity or a periodontal problem, you don’t want it to turn into a tooth infection or lost teeth. A dental exam can discover any issues and give you the opportunity to treat them as soon as possible.

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