Save Your Smile With Charlotte Mouthguards

You have only one set of teeth, so it’s a good idea to do all you can to keep them. That’s why the team at Charlotte Dentistry offers custom-fit mouthguards for our patients. One of our Charlotte mouthguards can help you:

  • Prevent dental damage while playing sports
  • Eliminate teeth grinding that can damage your tooth enamel
  • Avoid painful and costly dental emergencies
  • Keep your smile looking its best

If you think you might need a custom mouthguard, give us a call today at 704-285-0846 to schedule an appointment. You’ll find our friendly dentist office on Providence Road in Midtown Charlotte.

Our Professional Mouthguards Outperform One-Size Fits-All Guards

There’s one thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for mouth protection – you get what you pay for. It may seem cheaper to opt for a store-bought guard that you can take out of the package and use right away, or even to go with a “boil-and-bite” mouthguard.

However, over-the-counter mouthpieces don’t provide the custom fit that our professional mouthguards do. As a result, they also won’t protect your teeth as well. Plus, a mouthguard from your dentist will hold up better and last longer than a mass-produced one.

We can have two different types of mouthguards made for you:

  • Athletic Mouthguards – Did you know the American Dental Association has found that athletes who don’t wear mouth protection are 60 times more likely to suffer dental damage than those who do? That’s why it’s so important to wear an athletic mouthguard when playing any sport where there is physical contact, a flying object, running, jumping, or frequent changes in direction.
  • Night Guards – Many people grind their teeth during sleep and are not even aware of it. Left untreated, teeth grinding (known as bruxism) can damage your tooth enamel. Eventually you may need dental work such as tooth bonding or a new crown to repair the damage. A night guard will keep your teeth apart and help prevent damage to your enamel.

When you need top-quality mouthguards in Charlotte, you can turn to us for help. Call Charlotte Dentistry today at 704-285-0846, or schedule an appointment online.