You Can Trust Our Team With Your Dental Emergency

When you visit us for a dental emergency, you can feel confident that your smile will be in the best hands possible. Our dentists are trained and experienced in handling a variety of emergencies. We’ve seen it all in our many years of practice. When you arrive with an urgent dental need, we’ll assess your situation and advise you on what care is needed. However, here are a few services that we often use when a patient comes in with a dental dilemma:

  • Tooth Fillings Our natural-colored fillings will stop your toothache, make chewing easier, and blend in with your other teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatment We can stop your pain and save your tooth with this service.
  • Tooth Removal If removal is necessary, we’ll make sure you’re completely numb before we begin work. We can even remove wisdom teeth.
  • Dental Crowns We can have a crown made to repair your tooth and restore your ability to eat comfortably.

Don’t put your pain on hold! Call us now to meet with your Charlotte emergency dentist: 704-285-0846. For a non-emergency need, ​​you can also schedule online.

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