Wake Up Refreshed When You Stop Your Apnea Problems

Our sleep apnea treatment offers you an alternative to a noisy, bulky CPAP machine. Certainly, CPAP works for serious cases of sleep apnea. However, many people have trouble wearing a mask and having air pumped into their nose or mouth while they sleep.

That’s where our simple oral device comes in:

  • It will be custom-made to fit your mouth, so you won’t have to deal with a mass-produced appliance that does not fit and exacerbates the problem.
  • The appliance will gently reposition your lower jaw, keeping your tongue and other soft tissues from blocking your airway and triggering sleep apnea episodes.
  • The result will be a more restful night of sleep, and you’ll feel more energetic the next day too.

Our sleep apnea appliance will reduce or entirely eliminate your snoring. Since snoring is caused by air passing across those soft tissues, you’ll snore less or not at all when they’re moved out of the way. That’s a bonus that both you and your household will appreciate!

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