5 Important Benefits Of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do you keep your spouse up all night with your loud snoring?

Is it hard to concentrate at work or keep your eyes open while driving home?

Does it feel like you never get enough sleep no matter how early you go to bed?

If any of these sound familiar to you, then visit your Charlotte dentist to find out if you’re suffering from sleep apnea. We can create a custom oral appliance that you wear at night for uninterrupted breathing and deeper rest.

But a good night’s sleep isn’t the only change you’ll notice. Here are just five of the ways you can benefit from treating your sleep apnea:


  1. You can lower your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.
  2. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.
  3. You’ll have more energy throughout the day and can improve your productivity.
  4. Your mood will improve when you’re getting deeper, more consistent sleep each night.
  5. By giving your body the rest it needs, you may have an easier time losing weight and keeping it off.


Sleep apnea causes so many debilitating symptoms that negatively impact your health, but we can help you find effective solutions for a healthier, happier life.

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