Add a Custom Mouthguard to Your New Sports Gear

If you got a new pickleball paddle or other sports gear for Christmas, you’re probably ready to begin using it. But you shouldn’t take to the court without getting a custom mouthguard to protect your smile. 

The American Dental Association found that athletes not wearing mouthguards are 60 times more likely to suffer dental injury. At Charlotte Dentistry, we don’t want you to become a statistic. We can fit you for a custom-made athletic mouthguard that offers better protection than one you purchase from a store. 

To schedule an appointment to be measured for one, call us today at 704-285-0846. In the meantime, see some reasons you should get a sports mouthguard from your dentist:

  • Fits Better – Unlike a mass-produced mouthguard, your custom guard is made using impressions of your teeth. It fits as if it was made for you – because it is. With a custom comfortable fit, you’ll never be tempted to leave it out. You can’t rely on a mouthguard for protection if you don’t wear it every time you play. 
  • Offers Superior Protection – With a better fit, your mouthguard is also less likely to get knocked out during play. 
  • Fits Properly With No Adjustment Needed – If you’ve ever had a store-bought mouthguard, you may have gone through a frustrating boil-and-bite process, submerging it in boiling water and then trying to mold it to your mouth. Not surprisingly, the resulting fit often isn’t great. No boil-and-bite process is needed with a custom guard.
  • Lasts Longer – You’ll tend to “mouth” your guard to keep it in place if it doesn’t fit well. This mouthing typically causes your sports guard to wear out more quickly than a custom-made one. 

Interested in a custom mouthguard? Call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC. You can also online.