Don’t Let Snoring Steal Your Silent Nights

Is your snoring loud and disruptive?

Are your mood swings and headaches ruining the holidays?

Then it might be time to visit your Charlotte, NC dentist to find out if obstructive sleep apnea is what’s stealing your silent nights.

This time of year can actually aggravate a sleep disorder. Seasonal factors like weather changes, more alcohol consumption, and overeating can contribute to breathing issues and other sleep disruptions. 

Check out today’s video to understand what untreated sleep apnea can do to your quality of life and your health. You may benefit from a custom oral appliance that allows you to breathe easily and rest soundly all night long.

Don’t let sleep apnea spoil the holidays or your health. Call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC. You can also online.