End Your Jaw Pain With Our Simple TMJ Solution

When you’re in pain, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

You try to ignore it, but even with over-the-counter pain relievers, it still lingers, making it difficult to get through the day, let alone enjoy your life.

This is what it’s like to suffer from TMJ disorders caused by a misalignment of the jaw joint. It’s also related to an often involuntary behavior of grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw while you sleep. The pressure it puts on your jaw not only wears down your teeth but also causes headaches, facial soreness, and so much more.

For Pain Awareness Month, your Charlotte dental team wants you to know about our simple TMJ solution that can prevent damage to your teeth and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of this condition. Visit us soon to get a custom mouthguard so you can start feeling better!

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