Oral Health: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Announcing to family and friends that you’re expecting can be so exciting. 

It’s so nice when the people you care about most get to share your joy, and of course, you’re bombarded with congratulations and well-wishes.

But then comes all the unsolicited advice. 

Never wake a sleeping baby, position them in the their crib according to the most recent study, watch out for the “terrible twos”… the list goes on.

Advice can be helpful, but it can also be overwhelming.

How about ‘baby’ steps? Before you feel pressured to fill out your child’s college applications, we want to help you get through your pregnancy happy and healthy. 

Because of the hormone changes you experience during pregnancy, you could experience gingivitis in the early months. Check out today’s video to learn more! 

We’ll see you at your next dental checkup, examine your mouth for any issues, and provide any necessary treatment to keep your oral health on track. 

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