Scared of the Dentist? Here are 5 Reasons Not to Be

Some people go out of their to feel frightened this month, going to a haunted house or watching scary movies. One place no one wants to feel fear, though, is at the dentist. Yet many people feel a lot of anxiety about their dental appointments. We definitely don’t want you to be scared of the dentist! If you are, you tend to avoid routine care like cleanings that keep your smile healthy and attractive. 

Here are five reasons you don’t have to feel fearful at Charlotte Dentistry:

  • Dentists With Many Skills – Most people prefer getting their care from a dental team they already know and trust. So getting a referral to an outside doctor can create anxiety. At our office, our large staff has received advanced training in many different areas of dentistry. So you can get everything from a basic exam to a root canal from us. 
  • Plenty of Payment Options – Concern over finances can obviously be quite stressful. It shouldn’t be at our office because we offer many flexible options. We accept most traditional insurance plans and cash, checks, and credit cards. You can also take advantage of in-house financing for orthodontic treatment or third-party financing from CareCredit for other services. 
  • All Questions Answered – Our team takes the time to walk you through your treatment options and answer all of your questions so you’ll know exactly what to expect. That should help you get over any fear of the unknown. We can work with you on anti-anxiety strategies too, for example creating a signal you can use to let us know if you need a break.
  • Calming Dental Sedation – You can get two kinds of soothing sedation, one of which will be right for your anxiety level and the treatment you are receiving  You can receive quick-acting laughing gas, which doesn’t leave you groggy afterward, or oral sedation via a small pill. We’ll discuss both options with you and ensure you get the one that will work best for your situation. 
  • Fast Pain Relief – If you are hurting, it’s scary to think the discomfort may last a long time. At our office, we can usually offer you a same-day appointment if needed. We even have an after-hours emergency pager. We’ll get you feeling better ASAP! 

Don’t be scared of the dentist! Call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC.