Save Your Teeth With Immediate Dental Care

Throughout any dental emergency, our first objective is to get you out of discomfort. When you arrive at Charlotte Dentistry, we make comfort a concern constantly, which shows we are prepared to end your suffering promptly.

With dental sedation, you can quit the pain and relax your mind quickly. Laughing gas has actually proven to be an efficient and dependable option for both adults and children. We have pillows and warm blankets to keep you comfy throughout your treatment.

After you get the pain under control, we can focus on finding the perfect fix to your smile. We provide a variety of restorative dentistry solutions that can get your smile back in shape:

  • Tooth Fillings – Cavities are common, and they can be rather agonizing. By selecting our practice, you can get tooth-colored fillings so your teeth look and function normally again.
  • Dental Crowns – If you have really damaged or split a tooth, a crown can reconstruct your tooth. Since we have our own on-site lab, we can make your dental crown in our practice.
  • Root Canal Therapy – With a tooth infection, a filling isn’t most likely to be enough. Instead, you need a root canal to eliminate the cause for your tooth discomfort, so we can reconstruct your bite and your smile.
  • Tooth Removal – Occasionally the damage to your teeth is too great to recover them. When it’s required, we can manage tooth extraction.
  • Dental Implants – If you do require teeth extracted, you must obtain the greatest teeth substitutes possible. Implants restore the roots of your extracted tooth, so your restorations can be strong, safe, and steady.

We can help you to keep your strong smile with our numerous precautionary solutions and general dentistry after we have managed your problem. If you require an emergency dentist near Woodford Green, keep this number, 704-285-0846, so you can contact Charlotte Dentistry as quickly as you can.