3 Dental Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Gum Disease Awareness Month is coming to a close, so we’re taking one last opportunity in our dental blog to give you the tools to fight this sneaky, serious health problem.

Visit your Charlotte dentist every six months for cleanings and exams, and in the meantime, keep reading to understand more about this health threat and how we can help you overcome gum disease.

Don’t Believe These Dental Myths!

We’re setting the record straight on these dental myths so that you can protect your smile from gum disease:

#1 –  Gum disease only affects your gums.

If only hurting your gums was the extent of the destruction gum disease causes.

It’s bad enough that healthy gum tissue gets damaged by infection, but if untreated, it continues to spread to your jawbone, deteriorating the bone until your teeth have nothing left to keep them firmly in place.

And that’s not even counting the damage gum disease infection can cause throughout the body if it enters your bloodstream!

The list of systemic health problems connected with this disease is long and quite dangerous.

That’s why it’s so important to take good care of your teeth at home and to visit the dentist on a routine basis.

#2 – Bad breath is embarrassing, but it’s not a dental problem.

Sure, it’s pretty embarrassing to have bad breath, especially in social situations.

But brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, and chewing sugarless gum can all keep your breath nice and fresh.

There’s only one problem… these solutions will only help if your halitosis is being caused by something you just ate or drank.

If the odor in your mouth isn’t improved with mints, oral hygiene, or mouthwash, it could very well be a dental problem. Dry mouth is one possibility, but another is gum disease infection.

Don’t simply brush it off as an awkward or annoying issue. Bad breath could be a sign that you need dental treatment sooner rather than later.

#3 – Flossing isn’t as important as brushing.

More than half of adults admit that they either don’t floss every day or that they hardly ever floss at all.

That’s pretty surprising, but not if you believe that flossing isn’t that important.

It’s actually one of the best things you can do to prevent gum disease. Yes, brushing twice a day is essential, but flossing gets the food debris that brushing misses. Because of this, you’re cutting off the main food source of harmful bacteria that leads to gum disease.

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You can’t have a healthy body if your mouth isn’t healthy.

Any problem with your teeth or gums that goes untreated will eventually leave its mark on your total health, and gum disease is at the top of the list of threats.

Keep your mouth clean and healthy with help from your Charlotte dentist!

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