6 Tips for a Smile-friendly Thanksgiving

Perhaps no holiday is more centered around food than Thanksgiving. This is great for your taste buds – but maybe not so good for your teeth, depending on the choices you make. Fortunately, you don’t have to skip all of the special treats. It’s pretty easy to have a smile-friendly Thanksgiving, with our six tips:

  • Skip the Soda – You know sugary drinks aren’t great for your teeth, but soda is one of the worst choices you can make. That’s because most sodas also contain a lot of acid that can eat away at your tooth enamel, making it especially susceptible to decay. Water is the best beverage for your teeth – especially when consumed with a meal, as it helps wash away food debris. Unsweetened iced tea is also a good option. 
  • Eat as Much Turkey as You Want – There’s no need to skimp on the turkey! It should have no ill effect on your teeth. It’s good for the rest of you too, as it contains lots of protein. Take it easy on the gravy. And if you get any meat stuck in between your teeth, try to remove it as soon as you can. 
  • Be Aware of Starches – You may load up on potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, and similar dishes in an effort avoid eating too much sugar. Be careful, though. Those popular sides contain a lot of starches, which turn into sugars in your mouth. Your best choices for sides are vegetables like peas and green beans, especially if they aren’t served with sugary sauces. Raw veggies from an appetizer tray, like carrots and celery sticks, contains lots of fiber and water – so they can clean your teeth almost like a natural “toothbrush.”
  • No Need to Pass on the Pie – We’re dentists, but we’re not heartless! We don’t expect you to skip dessert. If there are several different kinds of pie, we recommend picking pumpkin. It usually contains less sugar than other choices, plus it contains smile-friendly vitamin A. If you can resist temptation, skip the whipped cream topping. 
  • Remember to Brush & Floss – After your meal, you probably can’t wait to get to the couch to watch a football game and/or nap. You can feel better about your smile if you brush and floss first. If that’s not possible, rinse your mouth with water. 
  • Schedule an Exam – To keep your teeth and gums healthy, we recommend seeing us at least once every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. We’ll find and remove any plaque from your teeth you’ve missed during home oral hygiene. We’ll also look out for issues like cavities and gum disease, so we can address them in their earliest stages when treatment is easy and inexpensive. If you or family members need to schedule exams, do so now before the holiday season really gets under way.

Have a smile-friendly Thanksgiving, then call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 today to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC.