Take Care of Your Wisdom Teeth During Winter Break

When it comes to getting wisdom teeth removed, the procedure and recovery are easier if you get it out of the way in your late teens or early twenties.

If you have a high school or college student at home who needs to have their wisdom teeth taken out, winter break may be an ideal time to schedule the procedure.

Most students have a couple of weeks off from school, giving them plenty of time to rest and recover before the new year. 

At Charlotte Dentistry, we prefer to avoid tooth extractions if we can, but in some cases, allowing wisdom teeth to come in can create overcrowding, putting your smile at risk for dental damage, oral health issues, and problems with bite alignment. 

These third molars can also come in at the wrong angle or in the wrong position, which can be quite painful.

Watch today’s video to hear more about why your child might need to have their wisdom teeth removed, and if so, get the surgery out of the way over winter break to give their mouth adequate time to heal.

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