Why Pro Teeth Whitening Is Always A Safe Bet!

Who has time or money to waste on ineffective products that promise to whiten your teeth?

This time of year, most of us don’t.

But with professional teeth whitening at Charlotte Dentistry, you can always bet on the results.

We can give you a sparkling smile in time for the holidays without putting your teeth or gums at risk.

The Benefits Of A Bright Smile

Even straight, healthy teeth can sometimes use a little help looking more attractive. In fact, most people who visit a dentist for cosmetic dentistry will list tooth color as one of the top reasons they’re unhappy with their smile’s appearance.

With teeth whitening treatment, you can:

  • Feel more confident
  • Look years younger
  • Make great first impressions
  • Attract positive attention

But can you achieve a noticeably brighter smile by trusting a whitening product you found at a drugstore? That’s pretty unlikely.

The Problems With Store-Bought Whitening Products

Here are a few of the most common problems you face with store-bought products and kits to whiten your teeth.

*Weak Whitening Agents*

The whitening agents found in consumer-brand products have to be diluted in order for them to pass safety guidelines. It takes special training to use the kind of bleaching agents that will make any real difference in the color of your teeth, so what you buy from a store will be too weak to deliver noticeable results.

*Risks To Your Gums & Teeth*

Even with weak whitening chemicals, you can still risk irritating your gums or increasing your tooth sensitivity. Abrasive gels and poorly-fitting strips can be messy and harsh when applying them too often or incorrectly.

*Uneven Results*

Instructions that come with many of these products can be confusing, vague, or just hard to read. That can lead to uneven results, if you see any results at all.

Why Professional Whitening Is Always Better!

Our teeth whitening treatments are administered by properly trained professionals who have access to prescription-strength gels and the technology to ensure the safest, most effective application. When you’re going to put your smile’s appearance on the line, there are certain things you can count on when you trust a pro, such as: 

*Powerful Gel*

Whether you choose in-office or take-home treatment, you’ll be given powerful whitening gel only available to dentists. That allows you to see more dramatic results every single time.


If you choose one of our take-home kits, you can enjoy the benefits of customization that store-brand strips and trays can’t offer. Those are mass produced to fit everyone, which basically means they don’t fit anyone! We, on the other hand, design mouth trays that fit over your teeth perfectly for safer coverage and more even results.

*Reliable Results*

Since a professional is administering your care, you can count on the results of our work. We use professional whitening systems that can remove even the most stubborn teeth stains with advanced tech and custom trays that deliver even, reliable results that always outperform store-bought kits.

Call To Get A More Radiant Smile!

Skip the store and head to your Charlotte, NC dentist’s office for pro teeth whitening that will make your smile sparkle this holiday season! Give us a call at 704-285-0846 to schedule your treatment at Charlotte Dentistry.