3 Reasons to Count on Us for Dental Care

You want to have a healthy mouth and an attractive smile. To keep that, you need to make professional dental care part of your oral health routine.

If you live in Charlotte, NC, you should come to see our team for your oral health needs.

We Have an Extensive Dental Team

At our practice, we have a team of dentists. Our doctors have extensive experience and a broad range of specialized training, so you can count on getting the treatment you need for your need.

Your Comfort Is a Priority

You are much more likely to visit us if you feel comfortable during your appointments. With our patient-first approach to care, you can count on our team to take steps to help you relax, ease your anxiety, and keep you as pain-free as possible.

We’re On-Call for Dental Emergencies

Emergency dental problems don’t always occur during regular office hours. That’s why we have dentists on-call to help you anytime you or your loved ones have a dental emergency.

Call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 or schedule online for your appointment in Charlotte, NC.