Find Your Way to Push Dental Fear Away

Dental anxiety prevents millions of people from getting the oral care they need. We want to help you manage your dental fear with our patient-first approach at Charlotte Dentistry.

Keep reading to learn how we can help you. Then, call 704-285-0846 to visit us in Charlotte, NC.

Feel at Home

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Your physical comfort can make a difference in your state of mind during a dental visit. You can watch one of your favorite shows on our in-room televisions. Plus, you can get cozy with a warm blanket.

Try Sedation

If you have a higher level of dental anxiety, sedation dentistry could be perfect for you. With sedation, you won’t feel any pain, and you stay relaxed. Talk to us about our sedation options to find the right one for you. 

Find a Team You Trust

Dental care is personal. We know this and understand this. Our dental professionals strive to provide you with personal care and attention. This can make a big difference in how we approach your appointments.

Call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC. You can also online. Defeat your dental fear here!