3 Ways You’ll Benefit From Dental Sedation

Before we let the season of fright come to an end, we wanted to spend our last October blog devoted to one of the most common barriers to good oral health.

It’s good old-fashioned fear of the dentist!

Millions of people can’t maintain healthy smiles because they’re too afraid of going to the dentist for routine care. Our goal is to make sure our patients don’t suffer that fate by giving you everything you need to make visiting us at Charlotte Dentistry easy, and yes, even enjoyable!

Benefits Of Dental Sedation

Along with our compassionate, patient-focused care and cozy amenities, you’ll find one of the most effective strategies for overcoming dental fear is in relaxation-inducing sedation options in Charlotte, NC!

*Relax Before & During Your Appointments*

Obviously, inhaled and oral sedation are both meant to help you physically relax during dental treatment. That benefit on its own is incredibly helpful in overcoming dental fear.

But what you might not consider is how the peace of mind of knowing sedation is an option for you will help you emotionally deal with the days and hours leading up to your appointments.

When you know you can rely on inhaled sedation or a sedative in pill form beforehand, it can ease your mind leading up to your visits just as well as it can ease the physical manifestations of stress like sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and butterflies during your visits.

*Schedule Multiple Dental Treatments In One Visit*

One of the great benefits of dental sedation is that it makes efficient care more possible.

You may have multiple problems with your teeth and gums that require various treatments. With sedation, you’ll be able to relax for longer periods of time so we can work on your smile in one visit. It’s especially helpful if you have a sensitive gag reflex that makes it hard to sit too long in the chair with people working inside your mouth.

Being able to relax longer allows us to schedule multiple procedures in a single appointment so you don’t have to keep returning unnecessarily.

*Have A Brighter, Healthier Smile You’ll Love*

Since staying away from the dentist’s office for long periods of time will have an inevitable impact on your oral health, most fearful patients end up having a smile they’re ashamed of. Unhealthy teeth and gums are an embarrassing problem to have for most people, one that understandably holds them back from an active, fulfilling personal, social, and professional life.

But when you’re able to restore your smile because you’ve put control over your oral health back in your own hands, you will see and feel a difference in your appearance, self-esteem, and how you carry yourself in every setting.

Call Now For An Appointment

You probably think feeling comfortable at the dentist’s office sounds too good to be true.

But this is one of those rare cases when the usual “too good to be true” rule doesn’t apply. You can, in fact, experience comfort and relaxation during your dental appointments when you’re in the right hands.

Our caring team in Charlotte, NC has years of experience easing anxious patients back into a healthier routine of consistent hygiene appointments twice a year and greater confidence about dental care in general.

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