4 Reasons to Use an Oral Appliance Instead of a CPAP

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by frequent blockages of your airway while you sleep. They cause you to briefly awaken when your brain signals your body that it needs to breathe. These interruptions in breathing can happen many times a night. They usually cause you to snore – and they adversely affect your health by preventing you from getting the rest you need.  Keeping your airway open is the key to treatment. 

A CPAP is one way to clear your airway. It works by sending air into your nose and/or throat. Many of our patients, however, prefer to use an oral appliance instead of a CPAP. 

If we determine you’d benefit from an oral appliance, we’ll take dental impressions and other measurements that are used to produce a custom-made device. The device fits inside your mouth, much like a sports mouthguard, and moves your jaw forward into a position that keeps your airway open. 

To schedule a sleep apnea consultation at Charlotte Dentistry, call 704-285-0846 today. In the meantime, check out some reasons you may find an appliance preferable to a CPAP:

  • Less Invasive – Both you and your bed partner may find it difficult to adjust to the CPAP’s mask and tubing, as well as the noise from the machine. In contrast, the appliance is barely noticeable. 
  • More Comfortable – Since a CPAP sends air into your throat all night, tt’s common to wake up with your throat and/or mouth feeling uncomfortably dry. The appliance keeps you breathing easily without drying out your mouth, 
  • Simpler to Use – A CPAP requires electricity or batteries and distilled water to keep the air pressure at the right level. Your appliance works with no added supplies. To keep your appliance clean, you simply brush it between uses when you brush your teeth. 
  • Easily Goes Anywhere With You – It can be a hassle to travel with a CPAP. But an oral appliance is small enough to travel in a pocket or purse. You can use it to catch some Zs just about anywhere, even on a plane or inside a tent in the woods. 

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