7 of the Best Tooth Brushing Tips

You may think you have brushing your teeth all figured out. After all, you’ve been doing it your whole life. Surprisingly, though, most of us have room to improve our technique. We are happy to help you improve your oral hygiene! We’ll answer your questions and make suggestions when you visit us for your regular exams and cleanings

Need to make an appointment? Call us today at 704-285-0846. Until it’s time for your next visit, check out our best tooth brushing tips:

  • Don’t Scrub Too Hard – In theory, it seems like the harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be. While that might be true for your shower stall, it’s not for your smile! In fact, brushing too vigorously can damage your enamel. A gentle touch is all you need. Also, always use a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  • Brush Your Tongue Too – The objective of brushing is to remove as much bacteria as possible from your mouth. When it interacts with food debris, bacteria, leads to problems like cavities and gum disease. Bacteria accumulates on your tongue as well as your teeth, so give it a brushing too. You can even use a tongue scraper, a tool designed for the purpose. 
  • Keep Your Brush in Good Shape – Bacteria collects on your toothbrush too. And the bristles become worn and frayed over time. So you should replace your brush every three months or so – even more often if it shows obvious signs of wear. 
  • Don’t Always Rush to Brush – You may like to brush after every meal. However, it’s best not to after consuming highly acidic foods or drinks. They weaken your enamel, leaving it susceptible to damage. The list includes soda, wine, coffee, citrus food, and tomatoes. If you’ve had these substances, wait at least an hour before brushing.
  • Get the Timing Right – You should brush for a full two minutes. Some electric toothbrushes have timing features that can help you keep track. Or add some two-minute songs you like to your smartphone and brush to music.
  • Brush Before Bedtime – You should brush at least twice a day. Make one of those times before you turn in for the night. You want to clear away food debris so bacteria can’t work while you sleep to turn it into decay. 
  • Don’t Rinse – If you use a fluoride toothpaste – and we recommend you do – you’ll want to leave fluoride on your teeth instead of rinsing it away. Spit instead of rinsing as your final brushing step. That gives the decay-fighting properties of fluoride a better chance to work. 

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