A Top-Rated Toothbrush Makes a Great Gift

Trying to come up with new and creative ways to fill your family’s Christmas stockings?

Here’s an idea – consider giving them gifts that are great for their teeth!

There are all sorts of smile-friendly alternatives to the usual candy canes and other sugary treats. You can include their favorite flavor of sugarless gum, for example. Chewing gum triggers saliva production, which helps keep your mouth clean between meals and fights cavity-causing bacteria.

Other stocking stuffers that promote good oral health are travel-sized dental care products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and plastic flossers in assorted colors to take with them on sleepovers, or for younger children who are just learning to brush their teeth, a toothbrush with one of their beloved superheroes or cartoon characters. 

For teens and adults, a new, top-rated toothbrush will fit that stocking perfectly! 

Check out Dental Digest’s best toothbrushes for some inspiration or ask your favorite Charlotte, NC dentists! We’ll be happy to give you our top recommendations.

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