Don’t Let Missing Teeth Disrupt Your Life!

While older patients are at a higher risk for tooth loss, the fact is that you can lose one or more teeth at any age throughout your adult life.

There’s gum disease, extensive decay or infection, injuries and accidents, lack of routine care from a skilled dentist… the risks are always there that you may one day be faced with a tough decision about how to replace your teeth.

Since it’s Dental Implant Awareness Month, we want you to know that you don’t have to let missing teeth disrupt your health or happiness!

Dental implants keep your restorations permanently in place, offer a better long-term oral health outcome, preserve your facial structure, and are strong enough for you to maintain your normal diet. 

If you need to replace some teeth but don’t want to sacrifice the life you’re used to, visit us to explore your dental implant options!

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