Don’t Let Soda Hurt Your Summer Smile!

When you’re trying to beat the heat, what is your favorite thirst-quenching drink?

It probably depends on the circumstance, right? If you’re at a lovely resort with your toes in the sand, you might prefer to sip on a fruity cocktail. But you’d reach for a cold bottle of water if you’re just coming inside from an afternoon of yard work. 

Whatever your beverage of choice, it’s important to know that some are better for you than others. And there’s one that’s just bad for your teeth no matter how you slice it. 

It’s soda! Your friends at Charlotte Dentistry want to make sure you understand how soft drinks can impact your teeth so they won’t hurt your smile!

Soda, Even Diet, Is Bad For Your Teeth

It’s easy to pass on a regular soft drink, at least most of the time, if you consider the tremendously high sugar content. A healthy diet means you’d want to keep your consumption of that option pretty low.

And maybe that’s how you’d rationalize drinking more diet soda instead. Without the sugar, you’re making a better, healthier choice, right?

Not exactly. 

The truth is that soft drinks, even diet sodas, are bad for your teeth. That’s because of the phosphoric and citric acids in these carbonated drinks. Your tooth enamel is incredibly strong, but that doesn’t mean it stays that way by default. The acids in foods and drinks erode tooth enamel, making it weaker and more susceptible to damage and harmful bacteria. 

Not only that, but phosphoric acid specifically blocks your body’s ability to absorb calcium, which is the very thing your tooth enamel needs to repair and strengthen itself. 

Water Is The Best Choice For Your Smile

Nothing beats water when it comes to properly and adequately hydrating the body. During the summer, you especially have to be mindful of your water intake because of the additional moisture lost when you’re exposed to higher temperatures.

Dry mouth is one of the most obvious consequences of dehydration. There is the unpleasant stickiness you have to deal with, but your teeth and gums lose the protective coating of your saliva, which contains natural bacteria-fighting elements that keep your mouth healthy.

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At home, you want to make sure you’re consuming foods and drinks that work for you, not against you. You should practice moderation when it comes to sodas and other sugary, acidic drinks, but you should be drinking lots of water each and every day, no matter the season.

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