Find Relief for TMJ Pain

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can make you really uncomfortable if they become irritated and inflamed. The pain typically starts in your jaw but often radiates out to the rest of your face, your neck, and your shoulders. TMJ dysfunction can cause earaches and headaches too. Fortunately, you can find relief for TMJ pain with a custom-made oral appliance.

Though no one knows exactly what leads to TMJ trouble, it is often found in people who clench their jaw and/or grind their teeth in their sleep. In addition to causing TMJ pain, these habits can often damage your teeth – sometimes to the point where restorative repair is needed. 

Our team can take dental impressions and other measurements, which are used to craft a custom appliance you’ll wear during the night. The appliance eases your jaw forward to relieve the tension on your TMJ. It also keeps your teeth slightly apart, so you can’t grind them together. Best of all, it relieves your pain and helps you function normally again!

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