Have Kissably Fresh Breath for Your Valentine!

In our last blog, we encouraged you to visit us for cosmetic dentistry so that your smile looks its best and brightest for your sweetheart. But just as important as a great-looking smile on a special night out with your Valentine is having kissably fresh breath!

No matter the setting, bad breath can be a really embarrassing problem, one that can certainly have a negative effect on your social, professional, and romantic relationships.

There can be all kinds of reasons behind bad breath, so you’ll probably first try to rule out the most obvious ones. You avoid particularly smelly foods like fish, onions, and garlic. You’ll brush, floss, and use mouthwash each day to keep your mouth clean.

And you always make sure to have sugarless chewing gum or breath mints on hand. 

But what if none of that works?

That could mean you and your dentist in Charlotte, NC need to talk further about your oral and overall health, medications you’re taking, and lifestyle habits to help you find a solution that will give you fresh breath. 

Watch today’s video to learn more about some of the most common causes of halitosis and what sort of things you can do to overcome it, including visiting us for routine cleanings and exams. We can also provide treatment so you have a clean mouth and fresh breath for your Valentine!

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