Pregnancy Gingivitis & How to Protect Your Smile

What should you expect when you’re expecting? There’s actually a famous book that aims to answer this exact question. In fact, there are countless books about what you might experience throughout your pregnancy. But how much do you hear about your increased risk for gingivitis?

Probably not much, but today, your Charlotte, NC dentists are hear to raise awareness about this early stage of gum disease and how you can protect your smile while you wait for your little one’s arrival!

First, check out today’s video to understand why expectant mothers might be more prone to problems with their gum health like gingivitis, and ways to keep your oral health on track.

Then you’ll want to visit us for your next dental checkup. If we detect gingivitis, we’ll work quickly to stop its progression and design a personalized strategy to protect your gums while your body is temporarily experiencing so many hormone changes that impact your oral health.

We’ll focus on helping you fight gingivitis while you focus on your developing baby.

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