Summer Smile Care Do’s and Don’ts

Summer is a time when many of us go on vacation, enjoy activities outdoors, and spend more time relaxing. Still, you shouldn’t neglect your smile care. 

Check out our tips to keep your smile in great shape this summer:

  • Drink Plenty of Water – Saliva helps wash away disease-causing bacteria from your teeth and gums, so it helps fight cavities. Staying hydrated is always important, but especially in summer when you perspire more than usual. Make sure you drink lots of water to avoid your mouth drying out. 
  • Schedule Your Family’s Exams – Our office tends to get busy right before school starts with folks wanting exams for their families. To beat the rush, schedule your family’s exams earlier in the summer. 
  • Watch What You Drink – Many of us drink more sugary drinks in summer, like soda, lemonade, and sweet tea. Try to limit their consumption, though. Water is the healthiest choice. Use a straw when sipping on sugary substances to limit their contact with your teeth. 
  • Be Careful of Chlorine – Too much chlorine can dry out your mouth and even be hard on your tooth enamel. Keep the pH level in your pool around 7.5. Also rinse your mouth with water between dips in the pool. 
  • Do Dental Work Before You Travel – No one wants to experience an emergency on vacation and worry about getting dental work done in an unfamiliar place. If you have a tooth that feels sensitive, make sure you see us before your trip. We’ll take care of your cavity or other problem so you won’t have to worry about it. 

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