Three Reasons You SHOULD Get a Root Canal

“You need a root canal.”

Those words strike fear into many patients. We know. We have seen it happen.

That fear is unfounded at a modern dental practice like ours. 

Today, we are explaining why you should get a root canal (if you need one). Just call 704-285-0846 to make your appointment at Charlotte Dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

Remove Your Infection

Root canals are performed to remove infected tissue from your tooth. When harmful bacteria reach the center of a tooth, it can cause inflammation of your pulp. That can put pressure on your nerves causing pain.

A root canal procedure is how we take out that infected tissue.

End Your Pain

The inflammation we mentioned above can put pressure on the nerves inside your infected tooth. That can cause pain when biting and chewing or lingering toothaches. Either way, taking out the affected tissue and replacing it with a filler material will stop your pain.

Repair Your Tooth

As part of your procedure, we will reinforce your infected tooth. Then we can affix a dental crown so your tooth looks and functions as good as new.

If you have more questions, call Charlotte Dentistry at 704-285-0846 or contact us online to schedule your appointment in Charlotte, NC.