What’s Up With The “Chewies”?

Your Invisalign provider may at some point in your treatment provide you with “chewies”.

The Aligner Chewie is made from a material called Styrene Copolymer and is a soft spongy plastic-like roll. They look much like a roll of cotton.

Typically, “chewies” are dispensed when you receive a new set of aligners. As you know, new aligner trays might not fit as tightly to your teeth when placed the first few times. To help your teeth move more quickly, you can bite on the “chewies” to help the new trays fit tighter to your teeth more quickly, so they do more good.

Position the “chewie” between your teeth and bite down. It can be placed short- or long-ways. It is important to move it around your mouth from one side to the other, biting down as you more it from one area to another. Repeat this process again and again to help the new trays seat properly on your teeth. The more your repeat, the quicker the tray will begin to move your teeth. Most Invisalign providers recommend several 5 to 10 minute sessions per day.

The most beneficial time to use the “chewies” is at bedtime. This will help your Aligner tray stay well seated and tight against your teeth while you sleep.

You can wash the Aligner Chewies with a mild soap and reuse them several times before they lose elasticity. It is recommended to clean them after each biting session.

You may receive only a few Aligner Chewies, as they are not provided by Align Technology, who creates your aligner trays. You or your Invisalign provider can order them in a variety of colors and flavors for your convenience.

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