You’ll Be Thankful For TMJ Treatment!

We’re starting TMJ Awareness Month with some insight about an incredibly small but important joint that can become a big pain and a big risk to your health and quality of life.

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is what helps you open and close your mouth, so naturally, it can interfere with your daily life if it’s thrown out of alignment. 

It can make chewing difficult, it can make certain muscles feel tense and sore, and it can also damage your tooth enamel.

Because they may not seem connected, it’s possible to have some kind of TMJ disorder without realizing it, so we’re sharing this infographic so you can see a few of the most common signs you should visit us for TMJ treatment.

You’ll be grateful you did because we can relieve the pain and pressure being put on your jaw so you can stop suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of TMJ problems and teeth grinding.

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